WARDROBE by DOMINIKA BUDNY is a high quality Scandinavia-inspired fashion label. We develop a permanent, art-in-itself fashion collection (“WARDROBE”) and strive for a sustainable supply chain. We produce as much as possible locally, use high quality ecological textiles or stock fabrics and offer our permanent collection throughout the seasons.
Our long term mission – equally important to offering beautiful garments - is to positively impact the fashion industry in the long term by supporting sustainable productions and impacting the habits of customers.
From the aesthetics perspective, the focus of the label is on shape, quality of fabrics and finishing details. The founder and designer of the label - Dominika Budny - was since a very early age fascinated by a purity of geometric forms and clean, pure colours used in garments.
The choice of natural fabrics emphases the uniqueness of the garments and gives the most pleasant experience for the person who wears them. Colours are limited to base black with some additions of colour every now and then. The garments are easy to combine with basic elements of any wardrobe. This makes them timeless. We add every half a year a few new styles to the wardrobe.